Cities for Europe – The initiative
"A Soul for Europe" and the cities of Berlin and Guimarães launched the "Cities for Europe" initiative in 2012. The initiative is supported by committed citizens, artists, players from the cultural sector and mayors from across Europe, whose common goal is to be involved in building a "Europe from the bottom up" and to create a "Citizens' Europe". The initiative assumes that the way to a "Citizens' Europe" must converge with culture in the broadest sense and that cities must play a key role. Europe's cities and citizens share responsibility for Europe. All individuals should ask themselves which contribution they can make in their cities to build up Europe. > read more


Cities for Europe – The starting point 
For quite some time now, the "A Soul for Europe" initiative has been concerned with the issue of the responsibility that cities and regions must take for Europe. In collaboration with the European Capital of Culture Essen-Ruhr 2010, the manual "Cities and Regions – Their cultural responsibility for Europe and how they can fulfill it" was published to support cities and regions in assuming their cultural responsibility for Europe. In his preface to this manual, film director Wim Winders impressively justified why we must look for "Europe's soul and Europe's heart" in the places where the "big and good idea of Europe is most alive": in the cities and regions. > read more


Cities for Europe – The online portal
The "Cities for Europe" online platform is a forum for everyone who wants to bring the European idea to life with their ideas. Committed citizens, initiatives, cities and regions have the opportunity to present "Europe in practice", to network with others, and to stimulate cooperation. At the same time, the portal shows a broad audience how diverse, colourful and lively Europe is if we look at the cities and regions and not just the institutions and bureaucracy. Politics and administration should be encouraged to see the richness and strength of this "Citizens' Europe" and to make a commitment to bringing this about at all European levels. > read more