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eTwinning – the schools network in Europe
The EU eTwinning programme has been establishing connections between schools and pre-school institutions in Europe since 2005. eTwinning facilitates the creation of unbureaucratic partnerships to promote joint learning activities. German institutions can also cooperate with each other, and eTwinning offers a wide range of opportunities for professional exchanges.
Interkulturelles Zentrum der Stadt Heidelberg
Das Interkulturelle Zentrum (IZ) wurde im April 2012 ins Leben gerufen und ist inzwischen eine Einrichtung der Stadt Heidelberg, in der sich Menschen mit und ohne Migrationsgeschichte begegnen und austauschen können. Das IZ repräsentiert und stärkt die Vielfalt der Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner der Stadt.
Cafébabel is the first European participatory magazine made for young Europeans across borders. Cafébabel is published in 6 languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish - and relies on a network of 1,500 volunteer authors, translators, photographers and filmmakers in Europe. On Cafébabel, we talk about Europe “in Real Life”.
EUROPA Lichtinstallation
26/11/2016 to 09/11/2017
An der Ostfassade von ST. AGNES wird aus 33 Neonröhren der Schriftzug ‚EUROPA‘ montiert, um ein leuchtendes Zeichen zu setzen. Lange Zeit wurde das europäische Projekt für eine selbstverständliche Entwicklung gehalten, die überwiegend Vorteile für alle Beteiligten generierte.
Let's Dance! Europe
02/11/2015 to 30/06/2017
Das EU-Kooperationsprojekt zielt darauf ab für Künstler den Arbeitsmarkt Europa zu öffnen, die transnationalen Fähigkeiten, Techniken und Kapazitäten von Künstlern zu stärken, sowie die Idee des Community-Dance in Europa weiter zu verbreiten, neue Zuschauergruppen und Aktive zu gewinnen. "Wer miteinander Tanzen kann, kann auch miteinander leben."
Give Something Back To Berlin e.V.
Give Something Back To Berlin e.V. (GSBTB) is an initiative to connect new Berliners with social organisations and making it easier to give something back to a city we love.
European Prize for Urban Public Space
European Prize for Urban Public Space is biennial competition organised with aim to encourage recovering, improvement and creation of public space and its capacity of fostering social cohesion, understanding public space as clear indicator of civic and collective helth of European cities.
YEAH! Festival 2015
16/06/2015 to 20/06/2015
Vom 16. bis 20. Juni 2015 steht Osnabrück zum dritten Mal ganz im Zeichen des YEAH! Festivals. Fünf Tage lang ist das musikalische Europa zu Gast in der Stadt und verwandelt sie in einen farbenfrohen Marktplatz aktueller Musikproduktionen für junge und jung gebliebene Ohren. Herzstück des diesjährigen Festivals ist das große Zirkuszelt auf dem Domplatz. Hier heißt es ab dem 16.
RECIPROCITY design liège
01/10/2015 to 01/11/2015
International design triennial for social innovation
RenEU: New Renaissance in Europe
10/01/2013 to 08/01/2015
How can the Renaissance and its values be useful for the reflection and the debate on nowadays Europe is the central question that the 'RenEU : New Renaissance in Europe' project aims to answer. 'RenEU: New Renaissance in Europe' is project promoted by six institutions from Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Poland.
Transeuropa Caravans
25/04/2014 to 10/05/2014
Transeuropa Caravans is 6 caravans crossing 18 countries, stopping on over 60 locations across the continent to meet with social movements, organisations, and citizens ahead of the European Elections. Visit us, follows us, get in touch on www.citizenspact.eu
Youth Culture Dialogue at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad
04/04/2014 to 12/04/2014
Novi Sad 
Youth Culture Dialogue - United in Cultural Diversity is a training seminar supported trough the Youth in Action Program – Action 3.1 and organized by The Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Serbia together with partners from 13 different countries.
European Senior Online Academy (Europäische Senioren Online Akademie)
The European Senior Online Academy offers elderly people the chance for superior further education. It implies extensive online information as well as face-to-face seminars in different European cities. Moreover, ESOA archives personal experiences of the older generation with the European integration process from falling into oblivion.
Let us never take our human rights for granted - the role of the European Parliament in reinforcing human rights
01/04/2014 to 31/05/2014
The project co-financed by the European Parliament, is addressed to secondary school students from Wrocław (over 17,000 participants). The main idea is not only to educate but also to engage the youth in creative activity and give them a chance to express their views on important issues.
We-Traders. Swapping Crisis for City
01/10/2013 to 31/12/2014
What can be done against the crisis? Citizens across Europe are currently taking the initiative to re-appropriate urban space and to redefine the relation between value, profit and public good. We call them We-Traders. Through public fora, a multi-lingual webpage and a travelling exhibition we create a platform for new ideas to counter the crisis.
“Go Green!”
01/06/2012 to 31/10/2012
Go green! was an international youth encounter in 2012 that invited adolescents from Germany, Latvia and Poland to discuss ecological problems of European dimension in creative, cultural, natural or fictional ways!
Community Focus Ltd (CFL)
Community Focus Ltd promotes European identity and understanding between people from different backgrounds and cultures within the UK and beyond.
Connecting Cities Network
Connecting Cities is a European and worldwide expanding network aiming to build up a connected infrastructure of media facades, urban screens and projection sites to circulate artistic and social content. Supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union, the CCN was founded by Public Art Lab in 2012 and currently involves 17 partners.
Warriors - Generation - Europe
13/05/2013 to 31/12/2013
The exhibition, research and debate project WARRIORS – GENERATION - EUROPE creates the portrait of a European generation and showcases the human face behind Europe in times of crisis and uncertainty. To this end, it is set to travel across 30 European cities within and outside of the EU.
Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg e.V,
The "Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg e.V." (JEB) is a non party, independent youth organization and the Berlin-Brandenburg section of the Young European Federalists. It is a Europe-wide network of about 25,000 members in over 35 countries.
Young Europe
13/01/2008 to 29/11/2013
The Young Europe program is developed under the umbrella of the European Theatre Convention and founded by the European Commission. Since 2008 theatres from all over Europe create new plays for a young audience, dealing with identification and the future of Europe. In all productions young people are invited to participate in the process of writing
European Alternatives Berlin e.V.
European Alternatives is a civil society organisation devoted to exploring the potential for transnational politics and culture. We believe that today the challenges of democratic participation, social equality, and cultural innovation cannot be effectively understood and addressed at the nation state level.
lit:potsdam - Literarischer Sommer
30/08/2013 to 01/09/2013
lit:potsdam - a new literature festival for Potsdam and Brandenburg will celebrate its start in August. In Potsdam, city with a strong historical importance, international and regional authors will come together for lectures and discussions. This year, the festival will open with a pop up venue of three days from August 30th until September 1st.
01/01/2013 to 30/11/2013
I AM EUROPE is an exploratory expedition into the heart of the European Citizenship concept. Through this project we want to learn what citizens’ participation can mean in a European context, and find out what is needed so that European citizens get more involved in EU policymaking.
It’s our Europe! Forum for Young People on Participation in Europe
02/04/2012 to 01/09/2012
On the occasion of the anniversary of a speech held by Charles de Gaulle to the young people of Germany the City of Ludwigsburg and the Franco-German Institute jointly organized a “Forum for Young People on participation in Europe – It’s our Europe”. Young people from all over Europe took part and discussed urgent questions in Europe.
SUPERNOVAPOETRY.NET is a growing poetry portal, platform set to investigate Europe's memory, create and share experience of urban life, our perception of changes, differences, causes and consequences of destructive past, traumas and geo political turmoils. With gratitude for his work, SUPERNOVAPOETRY.NET is dedicated to Mr. Michael Zeeman.
Sport as a path to active citizenship
05/03/2013 to 16/03/2013
TheEuroDEMOS Association carried out the European project “Sport as a path to active citizenship” from 5 to 16 March 2013 in Iasi, Romania. The project has been funded with support from the European Commission through the "Youth in Action" Program. The participants came from Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, Romania and Turkey.
Mix!t, a forum for research, documentation and education in living/together
Mix!t is a forum for education and research related to societal Diversity. We offer courses and lectures on societal diversity and the universality of rites of passage as a means for more tolerance in society. Furthermore we organise exhibitions and coordinate practice oriented research on marital migration, integration, immigration etc.
Great War between the lines
01/07/2012 to 30/09/2014
The Great War – Between the Lines project will work with partners in the UK, Northern France and Belgium to develop a range of activities, events and materials in the run up to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War in 2014.
Cityzer is an internet platform where everyone can upload their videos with impressions from different European cities. The platform aims to show the cultural diversity of Europe and to trigger a discussion among its users about Europe, around a variety of topics such as food, street art, music, language etc.
I want Europe
23/08/2012 to 28/02/2013
The initiative “I want Europe” invites every citizen to express and share their commitment for and thoughts about Europe. The initiative’s aim is to draw attention to Europe’s benefits, to what has already been achieved, to the considerable successes and to the future of Europe. Besides its website, the initiative appears in adverts and TV ads.
Fabrica de Pensule
The "Fabrica de Pensule" is Romania's first big conversion project, which transformed an old industrial building for cultural purposes. The project was initiated by 60 artists, cultural players, and cultural managers. The aim was to establish a space in Cluj to promote the creation of contemporary art and its public presentation.
Cultural Contacts. Living in Europe
The permanent exhibition 'Cultural Contacts. Living in Europe' is the first ever display of a cross-section of all the Museum of European Culture’s diverse collections. It examines discussions on social movements and social boundaries. Some important points are the different forms of cultural identity as well as the cultural and economic exchange.
PODIUM Festival Esslingen
25/04/2013 to 04/05/2013
Since 2009 the PODIUM Festival Esslingen has turned an entire city into a podium for classical music for two weeks. The initiators created sponsorships between musicians from across Europe and elementary school children from Esslingen, Germany. The project shows the great extent to which an innovative cultural initiative can impact a city.
Amber Vein
The New Amber Road will be a starting point for the European cultural cooperation network created by the city of Riga as part of the European Capital of Culture programme. It will unite the cities along the ancient amber trade route in a new, interdisciplinary partnership.
Kulturstation Zollhäuser Rodenäs
The border drawn between Denmark and Germany after World War I in 1920 has left its marks up to the present day and still exists in people’s minds, even now that the Schengen Agreement is in place. We see our venue as a place for cultural encounters that can be used to exchange views in order to gain a better understanding of past developments.
Ravenna 2019, candidate city for European Capital of Culture: La Darsena che vorrei
Ravenna is running for the European Capital of Culture 2019 title. One of the main assets of the Ravenna 2019 bid is the participatory process concerning the urban regeneration of the old harbour area, the Darsena. The project started in September 2011.
01/09/2012 to 30/04/2013
Créajeune is a film competition geared towards the young generation in the Greater Region of Saarland, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Wallonia and Rhineland-Palatinate (SaarLorLux). Several juries made up of children, young people and young adults then award prizes in each of the three age categories.
Heritage, Tradition and Modernity. European Culture and the Transfer of Knowledge through Journeymen
15/07/2012 to 31/08/2012
In their search for an overnight accommodation in Sibiu/Romania in the year 2000, trade journeymen travelling abroad came into contact with a Protestant pastor who provided a place for them to stay. Today, the association connects journeymen and locals to facilitate a better exchange of information and collaboration on various projects.
A Soul for Europe
The aim of “A Soul for Europe” is to implement concrete steps and conduct projects to ensure that Europe makes greater and better use of its cultural assets. In the process, culture should be utilized more than in the past as a strategic factor for development – at the local, regional, national and European level.