The Founding Mothers of Europe

The project on the Founding Mothers of Europe was promoted by Maria Pia Di Nonno, a PhD Student in History of Europe at Sapienza University of Rome (2015 - 2018). In particular, in 2016 Sapienza University of Rome gave a financial support to realise an exhibition, a seminar and the publication of the proceedings of the inaugural conference. In addition the promoter - with personal funds - has created a website and published a short book, in English and Italian, which includes nine biographies of relevant women for the European Integration Process. The idea of this project is to show a new way of being European by illustrating and enhancing the role of the Founding Mothers of Europe. History can be told differently; not only as a series of winners and losers, of kings, queens, battles, of wars and hate, but also as the intertwining of peace, useful inventions, cooperation and solidarity among peoples. To outspread the results of this project the promoter has mixed academic researches and dissemination activities such as the realisation of an exhibition, a short book and a website. All this material is available in English and Italian. The author of the portraits is Giulia Del Vecchio.