Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg e.V,

The „Simulation Europäisches Parlament“ (European Parliament Simulation, SIMEP) is one of the main projects of the Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (JEB). Launched in 1999, it takes place every year and gives about 400 students the possibility to slip into the role of members of the European Parliament and experience how European politics work. On two consecutive days, the students work together in committees, debate in their parliamentary party groups and have passionate discussions during the plenary session. The experience is even more realistic as the SIMEP is held at the German Bundestag and the Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin. Also, the students have the chance to discuss current issues of European politics with “real” politicians who come to visit the SIMEP. In 2013, the JEB was awarded the European Citizen’s Prize of the European Parliament for the SIMEP.

Young European Movement (JEB)

The "Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg e.V."(JEB) is a non party, independent youth organization and the Berlin-Brandenburg section of the Young European Federalists. It is a Europe-wide network of about 25,000 members in over 35 countries. For over 50 years, the Young European Federalists have committed themselves to building a peaceful, democratic, sustainable, solidarity-based and federal Europe. The JEB is working towards these goals with various activities, which include for example seminars, discussions, movie nights and a charitth young people and politicians, and much more.

Young European Movement (JEB)

Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

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