70TK: From Tatavla to Kurtuluş

The main aim of the project is to document the spatial and cultural changes throughout the history of one of the most significant multicultural districts, formerly named Tatavla, today known as Kurtuluş. In order to do so, we revealed the personal memoirs of multicultural life in Tatavla through oral history interviews which were conducted with 23 people. In the meantime, comparing the old maps and through literature reviews, newspaper and archive researches, we found out how the district was altered in relation to the historical and political context. We exhibited the outputs at Kurtuluş Greek School building which has not been used since 2003 due to a lack of students. The creative and interactive displays including a conference hall size big map of remembrance, the before and after photos of the historical buildings to point out false architectural interventions, sound installations of oral history interviews designed according to particular themes, a short documentary, former and current names of the streets and so on.