We are Europeans from all horizons and generations united in the belief that it is time to re-invent modern democracy, to bridge the representative gap between the EU and its citizens, and create the first European civic space where continuous participative democracy can flourish. The initial project period will bring us to the May 2019 European Elections. Our funding strategy is multi-layered, involving foundations, big donors, and crowdfunding. Importantly, we take care of preserving our independence. The first phase of the funding is currently ongoing. CIVICO has a wide array of strategic and operational partners, including Facebook,, Sciences Po, and established European groups such as EuropaNova and Euractiv. CIVICO will carry out a democratic experiment starting with the first ever transnational citizens' consultation engaging millions of citizens in 10 member states in order to gather their genuine priorities & concerns to make Europe serve them better. The resulting data will be sent to partnered universities in each of the countries, which will turn them into concrete & positive policy proposals with the help of physical workshops involving citizens & experts. This elaboration will be hosted & documented on the CIVICO online platform, an interactive European civic space where citizens will be able to engage with all content & vote on the finalised proposals they believe in.