Sehnsucht Europa: ART/ LIVING / TOGETHER

Four local cutural institutions started the project: A community centre (Kulturhaus Walle), a centre for cultural education (Quartier), a dance company (steptext dance project) and a theatre company (bremer shakespeare company). The project SE investigated different topics in the debates on Europe. Our main focus: How can we communicate through Music, Art, Theater, Poetry and Dance? How can we learn from each other? Art crosses borders and makes diversity a real experience, whether it happens with professionals on stage, in the classroom or in the interaction between stage and audience. Supported by the city of Bremen, Metropolregion Nordwest, Fonds Darstellende Künste. We aimed to connect poeple with different cultural backgrounds through art. We came up with the idea of a „Sehnsuchtsmobil“ ("truck of longing"), a vehicle travelling through the neighborhood and the region to interview poeple on the street about their opinions and feelings towards Europe. The 150 interviews collected were interpreted by graphic recording artists and out of this we created another exhibition. The project was closed with a festival LIVING / ART / TOGETHER from September 1-9, 2018, with 31 events including performances, recitals, a Eurovision Slam Contest and a coproduction with the Toneelhuis Antwerp, Bremer Shakespeare Company and steptext dance project to present the ENSEMBLE NEW BREMEN with locals artists from Germany, Togo, Senegal, Austria, C Colombia, Syria, Korea a Iran.

Bürgerhaus Oslebshausen

Am Nonnenberg 40
Bremen 28239