berlinxcalling is the first Greek language website about Berlin. This digital platform is initially aimed at Greek-speaking residents, newcomers and tourists of the city with the aim of integrating them into the life of the city and the mentality of its people. Topics of the Greek part of berlinxcalling are Berlin's cultural offer (theatres, museums, events), a compact survival guide (information on bureaucracy and social structures) and interculturality (German word of the week, lexicon, comic series Oh!). Today also exists in German. The great demand for German-language content encouraged us to design a website for two audiences. This is not a simple translation of the Greek page, but a German platform that can exist independently of its southern counterpart. On the German part of berlinxcalling we try to introduce our visitors to the contemporary Greek culture. Here we publish articles about the (international) culture and event scene in Greece and about the intercultural event and culture scene in Berlin in which Greek-speaking artists are involved.


44 Voigtstraße
Berlin 10247